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[TimesofIsrael] Israel says most OpSaveGaza hackers are opportunistic, not ideological

22 juillet 2014

As a result of the current Gaza conflict, there has been a major uproar against Israel by the international community, including hackers. There has been a 900% increase in attacks against Israeli websites; not by professional pro-Palestinian hackers or Anonymous however, says an Israeli IT expert, but rather by young hackers looking for recognition and employment opportunities. Experts arrived to this conclusion because the attacks did not seem very professional (such as data theft, use of malware, APTs, etc…). Instead, most of the attacks are these young hackers, also called script kiddies, copying and pasting exploits to try to overload the websites, aka DDoS attacks. While Anonymous often employs DDoS attacks, their attacks typically takedown or deface the websites, something that is not happening as the targeted Israeli websites continue to operate. The Israeli experts believe these hackers are claiming success to impress others.

Source: Times of Israel

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