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Re-edition of the book « Security – Ethical Hacking »

admin - 12 mai 2015

« Security – Ethical Hacking – Learn the attack to better defend » – Authors: ACISSI (Marion AGE – Nicolas CROCFER – Robert CROCFER – David DUMAS – Franck EBEL – William FORTUNATO – Jerome HENNECART – Sébastien LASSON – Raphaël Rault – Laurent Schalkwijk)

This book about computer security (and ethical hacking) is for all computer professional sensitized to the concept of computer security but novice or beginner in the field of information systems security. It aims to introduce the reader to the attackers’ techniques to learn how to defend.
This new edition reflects the latest developments in computer security and sees the appearance of three new chapters that deal with: Forensic investigations, mainly used in the search for digital evidence, material attacks mainly on internet boxes, highlighting that they are not infallible and must be configured to avoid trouble.
The book starts with a precise definition of the different types of hackers and their objectives, the authors present the methodology of attack and ways to identify security breaches.
The chapter on Social Engineering, or social manipulation, completely revised in this edition, illustrates why human faults account for over 60% of successful attacks.
Fingerprinting, which is essential before launching an attack is highly developed.
Comes the heart of the matter with the physical breaches that allow direct access to computers and networks.
Security on the web is also treated and common vulnerabilities identified using tools that can be easily implemented.
The objective is always to identify potential vulnerabilities and then set up the appropriate protection strategy.
Come on Windows or Linux systems faults with the arrival of new versions of these systems.
Then the application breaches introducing some elements to become familiar with assembly language and better understand the possibilities of attack.
The three new chapters while arriving on the Forensic, the Box Hardware and faults. Cloud computing is discussed (its history, its operation) to better control security.
Finally the legal aspects are dealt with their share of new laws.
The authors of this book make up a team of people whose goal is to make computer security accessible to all. « Learn the attack to defend themselves better » is their saying.
White hackers at heart, they open the doors to the reader of the underground knowledge.

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