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Editorial: Thank you !

20 février 2018

If the 10th FIC has been such a success – according to all views expressed – it is first and foremost thanks to its participants: partners, speakers and visitors alike. Everyone – in their own way – contributed to the « FIC spirit » that characterises this event that launches the  » New Cyber Year ». We wish to thank you all for your active participation in the success of this Forum that aims to break down silos and to gather « cyber operators » who want to overcome their differences for a common goal: putting cybersecurity at the service of a space of freedom. The theme of this edition, « Hyperconnection & Resilience », naturally leads us to ponder about integrating cybersecurity « by design ». No one should be capable of threatening increasingly complex connected systems by adding – by negligence or malevolence – components likely to jeopardise the system’s security. Integrating cybersecurity by design is not only a responsible action…it’s also a prerequisite for establishing trust in an exponentially growing digital space. This will thus be our theme for the 2019 edition. The FIC team is already at work!

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