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The European Commission’s contest for the Horizon Innovation Prize ‘Seamless authentication for all’ is open !

21 décembre 2017

In the era of Internet of Things (IoT), people (of all ages, physical capabilities and educational backgrounds) and their smart objects (e.g. smart mobile devices and household appliances, wearable gadgets, smart cars) often need to authenticate, i.e prove their relationships, identities and privileges. The current technologies and processes to authenticate are complex, bringing burden to people who want to build a trusted chain with their smart objects in order to interact with the IoT ecosystems and use digital services holistically. Horizon Prize ‘Seamless authentication for all’ is a €4 million prize for innovation in online authentication aiming to award the best and most innovative user authentication solutions.


For more information please visiit http://ec.europa.eu/horizonprize-authentication or contact: cnect-a2-prize@ec.europa.eu

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